Buying and Selling Real Estate

Modern meets AntiqueWe assist our clients in buying and selling real estate in and around the Zürichsee and in Luzern.

We also have access to unique objects in Spain and the South of France, which are managed by our international team.

Our employees live in the respective areas and know the local conventions, laws, and languages. Even abroad we will guide you from day one. We setup the necessary dates with the notaries, banks and financial negotiations.

Ever since 1984 it has been Mrs. ML. Tschabold’s main objective to give her buyers as well as her sellers an absolute top notch service. While doing this she is very careful about finding an owner for each home or office who will be a great match fort he property and will feel right „at home“.

Mrs. ML. Tschabold has built a great network of regular costumers over the course of the past almost thirty years and she is always excited to welcome the next potential client with the same passion and enthusiasm she met the first


Buying Assistance

Depending on your wish or needs we will find the right contractors for you, put together furniture accessories, give advice for purchasing the right materials, colors and many other things.

CannesBuying Abroad

Upon request we guide you through purchasing or decorating real estate abroad. We find the right contractors and make sure that you have easy access to real estate and furniture.


We have extensive experience in acquiring and importing exclusive furniture in the United States and importing it to a variety of countries. We also take care of the actual installation.

Construction Supervision

We mediate between architects and contractors, give advice when it comes to choosing the right construction materials and monitor construction progress. We negotiate for the best offer and give you advice when it comes to making assignment and closing deals.

Interior Decoration and Feng Shui Consultation

Illuminated PreziosenYou are not feeling comfortable at home or in your office? You are not sleeping well or work has suddenly experienced a drastic decrease in revenue? Do you want to decorate your (new) home in a way that your whole family will feel comfortable again? Do you have doubts that your office is decorated the right way?

Don’t look any further!

We are specialized in decorating your home or office in accordance to Feng Shui guidelines. Feng Shui is a very old and proven Chinese method of interior decoration, which allows to decorate your home or office in accordance with your own personal needs. If used correctly it can help improve many aspects of your life: from work success to romance.

In an already existing home or office it is possible that all we have to do is to move your furniture around or add some accessories, such as lamps, pots, pillows, etc. here and there. This often can be done without spending a fortune.


Interior decoration doesn’t have to be expensive. Combinations from a variety of different furniture stores can provide fascinating results and give your home or office an entirely new touch.


The art of mediating conflict!

Mediation between property owners, renters, neighbors, handymen, etc.

We are offering neutral assistance to positively resolve conflicts for all the parties involved in a dispute.

Mediation stands for “conciliation”. That means, mediation through a third party, which is accepted by all the parties involved with the conflict, in a dispute. This is especially helpful when all the parties find themselves in a “dead end” and realize that they cannot resolve the conflict on their own or are not communicating with each other at all anymore.

It’s the responsibility of the mediators to involve the parties in a constructive discussion and to help find a mutually acceptable solution for the problem together. Mediation is not about arbitration or judgment. It’s about supporting the parties in finding their own and best possible solution. The goal is to improve the situation for all the involved parties by reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.

Through a structured mediation the dynamic of the conflict is decelerated and the grounds for a constructive solution are established step-by-step.

The first step is to establish mutual trust and a working alliance between the parties involved in the conflict and the mediator.
The mediators aim to fully understand the point-of-view of each member involved in the conflict. In order to do this the mediators get a description of the conflict and the concerns from each party, let them express their emotions and thoughts and help them with the clarification of the underlying interests and wants.

To an increasing degree they re-establish the direct connection between the parties involved in the dispute. The counter-party learns about the underlying issues and the feelings of the other party. They get to see the perspective of the other person. If possible the trust between the parties is reestablished.

Then the parties work on finding a mutual solution based on the pertinent questions. The goal is to find an agreement, which can be carried out voluntarily by the parties involved in the conflict.

A joint agreement is signed and, if need be, accredited by an attorney or notary.

The mediator remains neutral during the whole process! This is very important in order to assure a positive development throughout the discussions.

Through mediation the conflicting parties save expenses and unnecessary aggravation.

The meaning behind mediation is to facilitate and support a comfortable life next to and with each other.

For our services we receive an hourly compensation of CHF 250.- per consultant.

Home Staging

Loft RelaxationAbout 40 years ago a special form of real estate trading was established in America, Canada and Great Britain:

The sales staging of private properties, also called Home Staging.

We advise you about how to place your real estate property on the market in the most ideal way. If you stay within our guidelines you will definitely be able to sell your privately owned home with much success and fast.

Often there are small elements such as family photos, knick-knacks (very personal items), which are not perceived positively by potential buyers. The buyer usually wants a “clear” housing unit, without any reminders about the past of the property.
The house, the apartment, has to be clean, the windows spick and span, and the kitchen and bathrooms have to shine.

It’s good to keep an eye on the details. Today’s living situation is precise and clear and that’s how a property has to present itself. Personal opinions about how a property could be changed around are not meant to be a part of sales negotiations.

“Home Staging” is directly visible. The changes that we are suggesting are very obvious and the gut feeling of the observer is positive.

It’s our responsibility to increase your chance of a successful sale through our creativity.

Equally important are the exteriors. The lawn and flowers have to be well taken care of, walking pathways have to be clean, balconies are to be clean as well and decorated just at a proper amount. No toys, garbage bags or anything to that extend.

The potential buyer should enter an oasis of freedom and cleanliness when entering your property. The buyer should feel comfortable right away and lose his/her heart to your property.
White parquet with Bar Our service:
Place all your personal belongings into moving boxes together with you, if necessary, organizing of a cleaning crew, painter, floorer, handyman for bathrooms and kitchen, etc. good “spirits” that help with the transformation of the existing property, and taking proper care of your garden is part of that.

We help transform the interior and exterior in a way that they increase the value of your property.

For our services we receive an hourly compensation of CHF 150.- per consultant.

Craftsmen etc. have to be compensated separately through you.

Our team is taking care of collecting all the offers. All of the offers and proposals are discussed with you before establishing an agreement.

Welcome to a new world. A world full of wonders that will also happen for you. All that you have to do now is to believe in achieving the best for your property.

Let’s start the show. For your home and also for your new life.

Let’s start now. Let’s do HOME STAGING!